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Angels & Redemption

A Zacharias/Daphne community

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated


Dedicated to the Danish Dumpling and the Brazilian Bon-Bon

Or, Zacharias Smith and Daphne Greengrass


Welcome to angelredemption, a livejournal community for the Harry Potter pairing Zacharias Smith/Daphne Greengrass. Feel free to join us, or just watch the comm. You can post fics, art, manips, discussion or anything to do with Z/D, but please remember to be courteous to other members of the community, and try to stay on topic. Angels & Redemption is moderated by softlyforgotten and inovertime, but posting is open to all members. Please don't make us moderate posting, or membership! But most of all: Remember to have fun here, and don't feel scared to post anything to do with the lovely ship.


1. All entries must be under a cut, no matter how short they are. Outside of a cut you may have: The entry code shown after this and/or a preview of the image (preferably no bigger than 100x100) or no more than 3 of your icons. These are one per post, not one per item (eg. iIf you are posting 3 pictures, you're still only allowed to have a preview of one of them).

2. Please begin each entry with the following code:

3. If you cannot handle constructive criticism, please do not post your work on this site. It is an important aspect of any form of art to be able to accept the comments of others in good grace and grow with them.

4. With that said, do not flame anybody. If you don’t like their work, point out the things you believe need work but try to find something good about it as well. If you cannot express yourself in a courteous manner, do not comment.

5.Absolutely no plagiarism will be tolerated. If you are found to have been plagiarising work you will be banned from the community. On a similar note, please also credit your resources if you have used something that's not yours.

6. Good grammar and spelling is expected, although perfection is not absolutely necessary (although it is appreciated! ;]) – if it passes your average Word spelling and grammar check it should be fine. Remember, net speak is evil.

7. Have fun!


Moderaters are Mikaella (softlyforgotten) and Jen (inovertime). Moderating is closed for now, but we may look later for more moderators if the need arises. You can contact us at:

email: aliahcarina@gmail.com
aim: aliahxxcarina

email: mikaella@mugglenet.com
aim: xxedelweissxx

If you would like to affiliate, then send an email to angelredemption@gmail.com, using affiliate in the subject title. If you need help or have a question, send an email to the same address with the word help in the subject title. Please do this or we will not see your emails!


__iconic_ for the overrides (Additional coding in layout by inovertime), smittenly/smittenlove for the userinfo table, _____faith for the manip featured in the header. All graphics done by inovertime or softlyforgotten, please don't take unless it expressly says you can.