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Thursday April 26, 2007


Title: Angels eyes
Pairing: Zacharias/Daphne
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own anything
Summary: The Yule ball is closing in and Zach needs someone to go with.
AN: Thanks to my lovely beta razzlecupcake

Go to the ball with me?

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Fic Post. [

Wednesday April 25, 2007


Title: Five Times Daphne Woke Up in Someone Else's Bed
Author/Artist: blithelybonny

Rating: Teen [PG-13]
Summary: Rather like the title says, this is five different times that Daphne has woken up in someone else's bed after an indiscretion.

A/N (optional): Written as part of the Five Things meme from a prompt from dear, sweet softlyforgotten.

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B-day Fic for Faith [

Saturday February 17, 2007


[ mood | blank ]

Title: Try Again
Author/Artist: miss_capricious
Genre: Humor/ Romance
Rating: PG
Characters: Zacharias Smith/ Daphne Greengrass
Summary: "Go to the ball with me, Greengrass."
"No, but try again."
A/N: This was a birthday fic for _____faith The prompt was the dance lessions for the Yule Ball in GOF movie. The switching of tenses is intentional. X-Posted to my LJ.


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